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The Heatpump Revolution is finally coming to the UK. Which Pump should you choose?

United Kingdom has one of the lowest use of Heat pumps (per Capita ) in Europe. The reasons are many, 2 are the bad reputation from the earliest heatpumps models and low building standards then. Of those that have installed a heat pump,90 % would recommend it to a friend or family.


Times have changed and indeed, our own Government has recognised the important role that heat pumps will play in helping the nation meet the ambitious carbon reduction targets in the future, predicting over one million heat pump sales a year in the UK by 2030.


Invest in your House & Health. From £550.


Heat Pumps is an investemnt in your home and health. Increase the value of your property and improve the indoor climate by Cooling, Heating and Dehumidifying your house. Perfect if you problems with damp in yor rooms.


There is an variaty of pump models and technologies to choose from. Cheap Air to Air Models to geo heating and water based. The technology can be quite simple iand there are huge savings to do for home owners in UK. Even with low gas prices.


An Air to Air HP Unit cost from £550. Contact us for more info.



Different Installation Models


A heat pump system can be installed a a stand alone heating ( Air to Air) or a hybrid heating system where the old gas, oil or LPG heating system is retained if ever needed.

This is a great way to reduce carbon emissions and lowering heating costs.


So finally there is a way for home owners to make a significant contribution to reducing the carbon emissions of the nation and save money on heating in the same way.





  • Heat pumps are expected to play a key role in meeting the UK's 4th carbon budget.


  • Today, heat pump deployment per capita in the UK is one of the lowest in Europe.


  • Policies: raising build rates, building standards and heat pump cost-effectiveness.


  • A Heat Pump is an investment in your home. Increase the value of your property and improve indoor climate by Heating, Cooling and  Dehumidifying your rooms. All with one Unit.


  • Deployment efforts should focus on buildings not heated by relatively low-cost gas.


  • You can save as much as 75% of your heating costs and a a bonus you get an AC system for those hot summerdays.
  • A Heat Pump also works a dehumidifier when heating Air. 




Geothermal heating/ Air heat pumps



The ETA project cooperates with local builders in construction of modern, energy efficient housing and heating systems. With experience from the Scandinavian market, one of the World's leading in energy-saving technology we are familiar with the latest renewable heat technologies.


Save up to 70% on your heating and energy bill with The ETA Project. Or learn more about the many affordable methods to save energy thanks to modern materials and technology.


Contact us for free advice and quotes.




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Geothermal heating/ Air heat pumps


Sweden is a leader in Europe and 2nd in the World in the use of renewable energy/heating technology. Source: WikiSource: Wiki The most affordable methods are Geothermal heating and Air Heat pumps. There are many other methods that combine solar, air heat pumps and geothermal heating.



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7 key points when selecting Air-Air Heat Pumps


  • Must be adapted for North European climate
  • Works best with electric radiators
  • Living space, outdoor climate and insulation determine the effect
  • Open plan solution gives the best effect
  • The investment can often be counted within four years
  • If you want to use it for maintenance in a vacation home - check the lowest temperature
  • The SCOP value provides the best perception of the pump's efficiency




How much can you save?


If you expect a saving of about 30 percent, you will not be wrong at all, although it may be both smaller and actually significantly more than that. For a normal-sized home, the investment in an air-air heat pump can usually be repaid after about four to five years. 

Suspended Ceiling


Construction and building

The ETA project cooperates with local builders in construction of modern, energy efficient housing.

Today there are many affordable methods to save energy thanks to modern materials and techniques.

A suspended ceilings together with simple, cheap methods can save up to 20% of your heating costs.  Together with new windows you can save up to 40% on your heating and invest in your house.

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Suspended ceilings from ETA can help you:

  • Improve insulation and lower your heating costs.
  • Improve acoustics
  • Exceeded fire safety
  • Reduce noise
  • Resist moisture/damp
  • Aid hygiene

There’s no end to the places you can use suspended ceilings. Our suspended ceilings are installed in homes, conservatories, shops, offices, hotels, cinemas, churches, clubs, pubs, schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses and more right across the country. And with an ever-increasing range of styles and colours, your suspended ceiling will look stylish too.

We offer a complete installation service with over 20 years experience.

Heater / humidifier

In the northern hemisphere the indoor climate can get very dry during winter, ETA offers a practical and affordble humidifier/heater.  Filled with water it's  a more secure option to use  than candles. The surface doesn't get vey hot and improves the air quality qhile it warms with an effect of 150 W.

More facts about saving on heating

In every room there is a temperature difference with up to 10C. Unfortunately you spend your time in the coldest part. .the floor. .while the warm, cosy air amass in the ceiling. . Here is something you can do to to save on heating.

Hot air expands, to a lower density and flows up. Lighting a candle is not a very effective way to heat a room. The flame energy radiates more and the hot air also creates a funnel, or chimney,  that rushes to the. .yes ceiling.

Another factor while heating your house are the windows. When you have a cold body it will cool air. .which then will flow to the floor. .where you are. .

Now, taken those thermal energy facts and some other processes, is there a way to use this to save on your energy bill?

By placing a heater at your window, you can decrease the "chillfall" from it. This is especially useful on 1 glas windows.

It's hard to tell how much you save, but my tests ( for 1 winter)  shows about 10-20% on your bill in a room with 2 windows.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Are you a private home owner?

Learn how you can benefit from RHI - Renewable Heat Incentive. The Government Grant scheme, Contact us for more Info.

more Info.


RHI for domestic installations

RHI Income Calculator- How much will you be paid by RHI using renewable heat technologies ?

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