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Valencia, Spain

Meet the EcoArt artists , socialise and see your brilliant ideas come to life in the ETA workshop in Valencia, Spain.






Show your own Artwork











Family event , Workshop in Alicante. For more info contact ETA.



Meet the artists, and learn. Franco Leon Reyes.

For more info contact The ETA Project..

The threat from Plastic waste .

Bournemouth's beaches after a January storm.


An unseen stream of plastic rubbish flowing along the bed of UK's rivers and out into the Sea will have far-reaching effects on marine life, a new report indicates.Source: BBC



Read more what effects plastic litter has on marine wildlife, The Pacific Garbage Patch.

The Eco Tech Art Workshop

Participate in our workshops in Spain, Valencia. Learn how to make ETA EcoArt and meet interesting artist in a friendly atmosphere.










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The ETA Ptoject

This is a social company, based in Dorset. For more info contact :

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