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The ETA Project is proud to present Franco Reyes EcoArt. His talent opens our eyes, the transformation of plastic waste to great Artwork should make us think again about wasting resources.

Skulls are Franco's speciality. If you find his art interesting, contact him on Facebook.






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In the Workshop, Spain







The threat from Plastic waste .

Bournemouth's beaches after a January storm.


An unseen stream of plastic rubbish flowing along the bed of UK's rivers and out into the Sea will have far-reaching effects on marine life, a new report indicates.Source: BBC



Read more what effects plastic litter has on marine wildlife, The Pacific Garbage Patch.

Artist: Franco Reyes


Leo Franco Reyes (Spain and Argentina) is an artist specialiised in the recovery of plastic packaging.


His preferred artistic material is the world renowned PET (Polyethylene terephthalate ) plastic characterized by high transparency and more common in the packaging of food and beverages ( such as bottles and bottles of mineral water) , and the widespread HDPE ( High Density Polyethylene ) , flexible and durable, used mainly for packaging household cleaning products , shampoos , detergents , as well as milk and yogurt containers .


Leo Franco proposes another approach to industrial plastic recycling processes , appropriating techniques and processes on an industrial level , adapting to a home production . Through experimentation with thermoforming techniques , assembly, stamping and pyrography has developed a series of methodological solutions that allow a wide range of possibilities when it comes to reusing plastic containers .



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