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Some less known facts about saving on heating

In every room there is a temperature difference with up to 10C. Unfortunately you spend your time in the coldest part. .the floor. .while the warm, cosy air amass in the ceiling. . Here is something you can do to to save on heating.

Hot air expands, to a lower density and flows up. Lighting a candle is not a very effective way to heat a room. The flame energy radiates more and the hot air also creates a funnel, or chimney,  that rushes to the. .yes ceiling.

Another factor while heating your house are the windows. When you have a cold body it will cool air. .which then will flow to the floor. .where you are. .

Now, taken those thermal energy facts and some other factors (drag, humidity), is there a way to use this to save on your energy bill?

By placing a "Cold Fire" heater at your window, you can decrease the "chillfall". This is especially useful on 1 glas windows.

It's hard to tell how much you save, but my tests ( for 1 winter)  shows about 10-20% on your bill in a room with 2 windows.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me.

Thermal Energy

"Cold Fire"


Just for showing the principle- Not finished.

Fire surrounded by water.. Cold fire.

"2 PET bottles, 1 filled with water that are heated directly by a candle. The plastic doesn't melts because the water absorbs the heat, which then is absorbed by the aluminum. 

Using thermal energy transition on different materials, the hot "chimney" air from a candle is cooled to warm that can be used for heating.

Warning! Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Heater / humidifier

"Cold Fire"

Save on you heating bill. Using thermal energy from a candle in a controlled form, you can save some money.

In the northern hemisphere the indoor climate gets very dry during winter, this is also a practical humidifier.  Filled with water this is also a more secure option to use candles. The surface doesn't get vey hot if used with a small tea light.

Cold Fire

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Read more what effects plastic litter has on  marine wildlife, The Pacific Garbage Patch.

Are you a private home owner?

Learn how you can benefit from the RHI - Renewable Heat Incentive. See more in Construction


RHI for domestic installations

RHI Income Calculator- How much will you be paid by RHI using renewable heat technologies ?

A Social Company project

Construction and Solarpanels

The ETA project cooperates with local builders in constructiion of modern, energy efficent housing.

Today there are many affordable methods to save energy thanks to modern materials and techniques.

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