Solar lamp

"Frozen Light"

The Eco-Tech-Art  Project


A solar powered lamp made of recycled and natural material found on the beach after a sunny day. 

Many different designs are possible, a solar-powered water pump, plants, interior lighting , different sizes etc.

This is a combination of Art, technology , practical use and environmental thinking.

Timeless, functional EcoArt that will last for decades, made partly by recycled man-made products. A sign of a new era of innovation and philosophy.


"Dark Moon LF"

An in-outdoor lamp. Solarcell charged batteries, 10 LED fiber.  Made by 2 PET bottles and mostly reused  stuff

This Object is for Sale- £45

Adjustable height position of the 'Moser lamp'.

Here the is the small Moser lamp seen from another position.

Click  on a picture to  enlarge it.


100x + 1 LED

Solarcharged LEDs, 1 PET.

Out-or indoor use. Can be used as a vase, with a solarpowered fountain, a lamp/mirror arrangement or as a ceiling lamp.

All products can be produced to suit individual preferences and in a large quantity.

1 Super Bright Light Blue 1W  LED

In this picture the LED is adjusted to a low light, can be much brighter.

The threat from Plastic waste .

Bournemouth's beaches after a January storm.

An unseen stream of plastic rubbish flowing along the bed of UK's rivers and out into the Sea will have far-reaching effects on marine life, a new report indicates.Source: BBC

Read more what effects plastic litter has on  marine wildlife, The Pacific Garbage Patch.

Artist: Val Gorsky

Engineer, amateur artist and environmentalist with several projects started, from IT to the site promoting ecological living on houseboats.

If you are intrested to attend  to a worksop, please contact me


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